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Best Places To Travel For Christmas

You know what they say: “there’s no place like home!”. But what if you could have Christmas in a gorgeous, snowy place in its place? There are amazing winter family vacation spots in delightful towns that will make you feel like you’ve been conveyed to a film set of some Christmas movie!

There’s nothing more enchanting than traveling anywhere new throughout the most magnificent time of the year. Fortunately, to help you get thoroughgoing festive merriment this season, we have some of the best places to spend Christmas this year:

1.  Bruges, Belgium

The enchanted Christmas scenes! Snow-white, decorated houses and sparkling cobblestone streets! Nothing is more ideal than in Belgium’s attractive city. The old-fashioned center is known for its Gothic construction.

 And the places are threaded with fairy lights and scattered with market stalls vending crafts and munchies enfolded in the paper. Disperse the torpors on Christmas morning with a stimulating walk together with the icy waterways, followed by a cup of tea in one of the comfortable pubs.

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Belgian chocolatiers are well-known for a delectable reason. And Christmas is a wonderful time to taste the delicacies of as many dissimilar stores as likely. Places like Spegelaere, a family-run chocolate works, might be one place to check out.

Bruges, Belgium

2.  Barbados, Caribbean

The Caribbean has continuously been a preferred destination for cruise enthusiasts over the celebratory time. Thanks to its magnificent beaches and azure waters, Barbados is unquestionably a stellar attraction.

The celebratory season is the island’s strength. And it is at its most comfortable until mid-December and visitors are still relishing mild temperatures. It’s difficult to imagine a Christmas spent in the coconut palms as well as surfing, quenched in sunblock, rather than bowed up in a jumper, but we’re convinced you’ll soon get used to it!

If you don’t want to lose out on your Christmas Cake fix, go to the Bajan version (called the ‘Great Cake’), completed with local rum! Actually, get the flavor of everything by reserving a day tour to the Mount Gay rum distillery. You will be bursting with Christmas fever by the end of it!

3.  Dublin

Dublin will be a dream come true if your impression of Christmas cheerfulness contains an accurate Irish pub crawl. There’s no finer way to loosen up on an icy Christmas night than with delicious black pudding and a couple of pints.

And Dublin city has enough comfortable bars to move you towards New Year’s. But the Irish capital isn’t just about downing, naturally. Holiday offerings comprise Christmas marketplaces, amazing shops on Grafton Street, and abundant tree lighting ceremonials.

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There’s another thing to get you in the holiday spirit! The Moving Crib in St. Martin Apostolate’s basement has fascinating families with its powered figures portraying sights like Noah’s Ark for 64 years.


4.  Inari, Finland

While maximum tourists go to the Lapland city of Rovaniemi on Christmas, going a little ahead into the north (near the Arctic Ocean north) to Inari might be a better option. It is situated in the core of the picturesque Ivalo region—accessible through a 1.5-hour flight going from Helsinki.

Inari is a wholesome winter utopia scattered with hotels and eateries that are warm and comforting. It’s challenging to envisage a more dependable winter holiday than one devoted to enjoying dog sleds, serving reindeer, and racing the Northern Lights. You can experience a private Northern Lights safari! It will have you enjoying a heated sleigh and tasting sparkling wine while anticipating the aurora to come to life.

Inari, Finland

5.  Iceland

The cheerful period in Iceland carries on for a wholesome 26 days! In reality, most Icelandic behaviors at this time of year are superior and more intricate than those in other areas. There are 13 Santa Clauses that transport gifts to children throughout the country!

The probabilities of catching the Northern Lights in December are likewise rather decent. And going through a snowy Christmas is definitely in the charts. In Reykjavík, which is also the capital city, the ice-covered central pond of Tjörnin is a dazzling space for ice skating, especially on Christmas Day itself. And there is a huge party on Christmas Eve, with a dinner of smoked lamb and mouthwatering langoustine.

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And if you’re there for New Year’s Eve, you can see the city’s exceptional fireworks exhibition! Residents acquire their own fireworks, and the sky is plastered with uncountable miniature displays when night comes.


6.  Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This Middle Eastern square can make any age group feel like a child again. Bursting with adventure, you can go sliding down water slides at amusement parks, screaming on a ski slope in a shopping mall, or hopping around on a massive trampoline in Bounce park.

Even though Christmas is not a national holiday here, sparkling Dubai can’t repel this festive time of year. And the shopping centers and hotels are all twinkling with illuminations and mammoth trees. Coupled with the highs of 26˚C in December, abundant beaches, and never-ending fun, Dubai is a place to be if you’re in for a roller coaster ride.

Don’t miss the dreamlike experience of the shopping precinct Souk Madinat Jumeirah at Christmas. You will experience a German market, a snowball region, and Santa journeying a gondola sleigh in the mall’s waterways.

7. Edinburgh

Taking a liking to whisky is enough motive to visit, but Edinburgh’s cyclical offerings spread far beyond just alcohol! You can check out the extensive holiday marketplace at East Princes St. Gardens. Conventionally the festivities are trailed by the extraordinary Hogmanay Festival. It is a three-day celebration rejoicing the New Year, with outside performances, firecrackers, and pirouetting Scots. And how about Dining at Edinburgh Castle, which is recognized to have Christmas lunches?


8. Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s fascinating urban offerings compete for that with NYC’s, with holiday marketplaces, window shows, and performances in large numbers (you can even check out a Santa Con!). And let’s not forget the spectacular lights.

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The Symphony of Lights show—which you can see at 8 p.m. every night—will leave you out of breath! The profligately created neon show shown across over 40 of the city’s famous skyscrapers beside Victoria Harbor is a sight to see. Get a blast out of the Symphony of Lights while having a ravishing dinner cruise.

You often hear all and sundry talking about heading home for the holidays. But there’s no time like Christmas to go for a family getaway. You and your loved ones can enjoy the holiday spirit with outstanding sights and world-famous delicacies, so why not?

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